Okinawa’s Finest since 1978

On your first trip to Okinawa, like anywhere else, everything you see is new.
As you know Okinawa is Japan but it’s this area have been able to maintain their distinctive culture, language, also cuisine.
Only been 100years since the Ryukyu Kingdom of Okinawa was incorporated into Japan.

Have you ever taste to Traditional Okinawa foods?
Traditional Okinawa food is recognized as healthy food.
Okinawa CHAMPURU is basically a stir-fry using some combination of TOFU, leeks and eggs other ingredients. GOYA-CHAMPURU indicates stir-fried dishes. Goya skin very bitter but rich in Vitamin C.

Our house HACHIHACHI have plentiful assortment of steak variation. Okinawan top grade beef is excellent marbling. Also serve home made style Okinawan traditional food.

“STEAKHOUSE 88″ has started since 1955.
STEAKHOUSE 88 traces its roots back to the time when Okinawa was under U.S. government control, before Okinawa had been returned to Japan.
Back then, we run “Club 88″ with A-sign. The “A-sign” was a permit issued by the U.S. military, in order for U.S. Citizens to be able to enter the restaurant.

It also proved that the restaurant has high quality in cleanliness.
After that, we took “88” from “Club 88″ and named after our steakhouse as “STEAKHOUSE 88″.

Since then, over about 40 years, we have kept receiving customer’s grace. We want to be renowned as the best steakhouse in Okinawa and we will strive to achieve that title.
Our Staff will be looking forward to your visit.

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